An essay example

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Popular among teachers and creative among students and students remains such a creative form of written work, such as an essay, a sample of the design of which is analyzed in this article.

Essay: Design Sample – Theory of Composition

Classically, this type of written work contains such mandatory elements as:

  • title page (1 page – is made out according to its sample);
  • introduction (2nd page – the “working” text begins). Usually it is one or several paragraphs that are not separated from the general text into a separate structural element, which report on the problem under consideration, why it is chosen, a thesis can be formulated. By volume up to 0.5-1 pages;
  • the main part (in continuation of the introduction) reveals the topic of work. If the thesis is not formulated in the introduction, it can be reported in the main part. This part may be descriptive (illustrative), and may be evidence-based (built on arguments, there should be one 2-3 theses). The volume of this part is 3-7 pages;
  • the conclusion contains conclusions and suggestions on the topic of work. Volume 0.5-1 pages;
  • References – this is the next text block of work, it may not occupy a separate page, but go right after the conclusion. It is made out on own sample. It should include 3-7 sources not older than 5 years;
  • The total amount of work is 5-10 pages.

Essay: sample design – general rules

Text editor Word is used in the design of the work, aligned to the width of the font invariably Times New Roman (standard – size 14). Errors, errors, graphic inaccuracies are not allowed.

The text of the work is printed, adhering to such rules:

  • centimeter dimensions of the “banks” of the page: top, bottom – 2, right – 1, left – 3;
  • paragraph indent should be the same throughout the work: 1.25;
  • the distance between the heading (if any in the text) and the previous or subsequent text should be 2 intervals; You cannot leave a heading at the end of the page, and place the text following it on the next sheet – the heading at the end of the page should come with 2-3 lines of text. If not, the title should be moved to the beginning of the next page.