An essay format

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There are a number of requirements for the design of scientific papers – voluminous and small – that must be observed if your work claims a high score. What should an essay look like in general, a sample of it in particular? This question is answered in this article.

Essay – sample “page”

Let’s try to figure out by page how the essay should look like in general – the sample is considered theoretical.

  • Page 1 (title page). It contains all the data about the university, the performer and the reviewer (verifier), as well as the place and year of the essay creation. The number on this page is not put, but it is included in the general numbering.
  • Page 2 (introduction). This page is numbered, the number – in the header of the footer. Usually it does not have a name, it stands out only meaningfully. In this section, you briefly report on the essence of the issue under consideration, the relevance of his choice and significance for science. Volume – does not exceed 0.5-1 pages.
  • Page 3 (main material and main work). It may or may not be divided into parts with its headings — it all depends on the amount of work. If there is a division into parts, each of them must disclose (argue) a separate thesis and not be duplicated. At the top of the page is the name of the part, after 3 intervals the main text begins with a red line. The style of presentation is figurative, aphoristic and at the same time reasoned and logical. Volume 5-10 pages.
  • Page 8 (in case the main part takes up 5 pages) – CONCLUSION. The heading (if selected into a separate component) is placed in the upper part of the page in the center and the text is published 3 intervals from the red line. Outlines the conclusions summarizing the author’s position on the issue under study. By volume – no more than 0.5-1 pages.
  • Page 9 (LIST OF USED SOURCES). The title of this page is designed in the same way as the previous ones. The list is numbered and arranged in alphabetical order. May not be displayed on a separate page, and follow immediately after the conclusion.

Essay – technical sample

  • required page margins (in millimeters): left – 3, right – 1, upper and lower – 2. On the page approximately 2 thousand characters should be contained;
  • set Times New Roman, size 14; allowed to allocate certain terms, formulas in italics to attract attention;
  • spacing – one and a half, hyphens should be placed in the main text;
  • headers are printed in the center of the line, a dot is not put after them.