How an essay should look like?

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When everything is thought out, labeled, written and only the essay design remains, it turns out that it is not quite easy and simple, as it seemed at first. Because there are many requirements and it is quite difficult to comply with them. Something is sure to miss.

Essay Design – Standard Requirements

In general, the requirements for this type of work should be aware of the following:

  • Consists of introduction, main part, conclusion (often decorated with solid text with many paragraphs, headings are welcome).
  • The work expresses the author’s individually-subjective view of the proposed topic.
  • The design should be made in Microsoft Word text editor, Times New Roman style (standard size 14), one and a half spacing, borders (centimeter): -3 left, 1 right, upper and lower 2. The text file is justified.
  • The total amount of work is usually no more than 10 pages, numbered sequentially in Arabic at the top of the page in the center (the first page is not numbered).

What is estimated?

Testing, reading the work, evaluates such skills and abilities of the author, such as:

  • the author’s ability to logically build, competently argue his own position on the selected issue based on the knowledge gained, critically analyze existing opinions;
  • the ability to understand, evaluate and establish links between key points of problems and issues;
  • the ability to differentiate opposing approaches and models, using them in empirical material or in discussions on a matter of principle;
  • logic and consistency of thoughts;
  • maintaining the “genre” style and key points of the composition;
  • clear formulation of the main author’s thesis;
  • argumentation of the main thesis, confirmation of the arguments by examples;
  • the creativity of the presentation of thoughts, the ability to “hook” the reader and be remembered not only by the basic thesis, but also by powerful ideas;
  • the presence of logical conclusions summarizing the position of the author and signaling the completeness and end of the discussion;
  • scientific maturity of work and, of course, its competent design.

Essay design – short on the main pages

There are two such main pages in the work: title and list of references. Usually they are the stumbling block in the design. Each of these pages has its own pattern, which is followed when they are created. In this section, we consider the main points that are worth paying attention to when designing these pages.

• Title Deed. In the center of the top line, type: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE (country name), in the following lines – the full name of the educational institution, faculty, department. After 3 intervals in the center of the page indicate: discipline, in the next line – the topic of work. The following is the “right column”: student group (number), full name. Bottom of page, centered: city, year.

•          Bibliography. Another “problem” part of the work. The main thing here is to know that the elements of the list are in alphabetical order, numbered sequentially. The title “LIST OF LITERATURE” is placed in the center of the page, 2 spaced down followed by its numbered components (from the beginning of the line, without indentation).