How to end an essay?

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For pupils and students – the most interesting genre is the essay. This is mainly due to the fact that in such work there are no clear boundaries and you can fully surrender to the flight of your imagination. But nevertheless, as in any other text, there should be a structure and the essay should consist of an introductory, main part and at the end summing up. And it is precisely the writing of the latter that often causes difficulties for young authors.

So how best to finish an essay?

There are many approaches to how exactly it is better to complete your story in the essay and in our article, we offer you to get acquainted with some methods that can help you.

• Reread your essay and try to briefly and concisely express the main idea that you are trying to convey to your readers. Consistently, as in the essay, express the results you have summarized after what has been written, remind you of the main aspects of the problem you are studying. In addition, the use of this technique will help you better understand your composition, work out a certain consistency of the text, emphasize the main thing.

• Since your essay is dedicated to a specific problem, it can be considered a thesis of your text. Starting your story with a certain statement, and as you continue writing, introducing your readers to the course of your thoughts, in conclusion you can again submit the first, main idea of ​​your essay. This is a very good trick, because after reading the text, the understanding of the main phrase can be very different, and even the opposite.

• Discourse on the future – an aspect that is quite often used during the writing of an essay. Since in its essence, an essay is not an analytical genre, and its main characteristic is publicism, philosophical arguments on the subject of the problem in question sometimes take up the lion’s share of the work. In the essay, speculation is appropriate – the theorists studying this genre have spoken about this more than once, so looking ahead in the essay, wondering what the future development of this problem will be in the future will be a very accurate conclusion of your text.